Preschool Art Studio or “Atelier”


Preschool Atelier
Date: August 12th Open House kick off
Timing: 8:00am – 2:00pm Monday-Saturday



The concept of the French “Atelier” means a studio within a professional artist’s studio with that artist as your guide to learning about art and creativity. This idea was later expounded upon in Europe with the development of the Reggio Emilia methodology of early childhood education. There, they believed the young child could learn to create and problem solve when given unfettered access to artistic materials. These students are free to create however they please with the materials and the “Atelierista” is a guide to help them understand how to use these materials.

At Egghead Arts, Meg Shulman serves as “Atelierista” while students are given unrestricted access to a large variety of age-appropriate non-toxic art materials to create and experiment with. Parents/guardians are encouraged to create alongside their student or may simply watch the child discover and create using artistic materials.

This activity occurs in small groups of only six students per hour to allow for individualized attention and the creation of a calming environment where artistic creation is encouraged.


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