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Professional artist, certified teacher, master librarian, published author, professional puppet builder/puppeteer, and national arts grant writer are just a few titles that can be used to describe Meg Shulman. However, her favorite title is “Art and Creativity Coach.” Ms. Shulman strongly believes that while we all are born artists, some of us let our creativity slip away due to comparisons with others by default. Rather than punish oneself for losing our artistic spark, Ms. Shulman believes that all people can discover art in new ways and push themselves while having fun to discover new talents in the arts. One way Meg accomplishes this is by allowing for the learning of art techniques by using the highest quality materials available appropriate to each age group.

Ms. Shulman holds a bachelor’s degree in English and art from Carlow University, and a master’s of library and information science from the University of Pittsburgh. She was selected by Ford Motor Company to receive pebble startup funds through the Builders + Backers program for her idea to bring creativity and art training to corporations and schools across the West Tennessee area. A passionate lifelong learner, Ms. Shulman is currently undergoing the rigorous Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching certification process and is also studying for her 200-hr Yoga Alliance teacher’s certification training.

Meg lives with her brilliant son and sassy rescue dog in Jackson, Tennessee.

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